Visit to Walter Reed Hospital - Gloucester, Virginia
April 2008

It was a great honor and pleasure for us, Joseph M. Bossi (Director of US Operations) and Petra Wenstedt-Pulles (president), to
accompany Mr Richard Winters, American member of the Screaming Eagles of WWII Foundation, on his visit to a few wounded soldiers
of the 101st Airborne Division in Walter Reed hospital.

entrance hall

A few months ago, Mr Winters started a project, raising funds to aid these soldiers and their families financially in cases where the established organisations and institutions do not reach. Mr Winters did so in the name of the Screaming Eagles of WWII Foundation.

For us, the Board of Governors, this too was a great honor and proof of the lasting friendship and bond between the Dutch and American
people with the 101st Airborne Division as the mutual point of recognition. Thank you Dick for a great initiative!

We were able to visit two of the 101 troopers, both from the 327th Infantry Regiment - a coincidence as Joseph M. Bossi is the Honorary
Command Sergeant Major of the "Bastogne Bulldogs".

  Sgt Cheever (327 Inf Rgt),
his father (l), and Joseph Bossi
and Petra Wenstedt-Pulles (r)
SSG Terrel (327 Inf Rgt), her mother
and Joseph Bossi and Petra Wenstedt-Pulles

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