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*** 25 July 2015 (2) ***

*** A new entry in "research bits and pieces".

*** On a non-profit basis, we have been helping family members of 101st men in their quest to find more information about their loved ones since 1997.
It has been a pleasure, a learning process and most of the time very rewarding as life long friendships are born. Sometimes the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, other times
the outcome is disappointing.

We try to receive compliments from family members gracefully. Like this one recently:

"I think all family members of WWII servicemen owe you a debt of gratitude for your efforts in compiling the history that you have."

In fact, we strongly feel it's the other way around: we owe the WWII servicemen a debt of gratitude for their efforts to give us back our freedom.

*** 27 June 2015 (2) ***
We are very proud to announce that two extinguished and cherished members of our board of governors have been selected as Honorary Members of the 327th Infantry
Regiment, 101st Airborne Division. CONGRATULATIONS to Nelly and Francois van Loo!

We first met Nelly and 'Swa'during the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

A peculiar fact: two Belgian citizens from the Antwerp area visiting the liberation ceremonies in Eindhoven because of their passion for the American 101st Airborne Division.

As fervent history readers, they were drawn to this tribute to freedom which is celebrated each 18 September in the city of Eindhoven since 1945. (Eindhoven was the city where elements of the US 506PIR and British ground troops met up in WWII).

Early in 2009, Nelly and Swa joined the Screaming Eagles of WWII Foundation as members of the board of governors.

Over the years they have gone out of their way to support the activities of our Foundation. From driving their car as an emergency vehicle behind the tour bus on the trips along the 101st Airborne battle fields in Normandy, Holland and Bastogne organized by the Foundation, to standing on their feet for over 12 hours during the Airborne Memorial Walk in Eerde (The Netherlands) in 2009 - these Belgian Airborne friends are ALL THE WAY!

They have represented our Foundation for years with their presence at the annual 101st ABN Division Association Snowbird Reunion in Florida (US), as well as during the annual Bastogne Historic Walk (Belgium) in honor of the Battle of the Bulge veterans. They contribute in a charming and intense way to keep the memory alive and honoring the sacrifice.

An excellent example of this is the way they organized ceremonies in Normandy during the Operation Torch trip in 2009 for two WWII veterans, mr Robert Lundy (506PIR) and mr Paul Jackson (501PIR).

Their continued and relentless support, always in the background, has a strength of its own.

Francois in 2009 during the Airborne Memorial Walk: sales proceeds went to the Wounded Warrior project at Walter Reed hospital. Every participant in the walk was asked to sign a card to be handed out to wounded soldiers.   The two new Honorary Members of 'the club' squinting their eyes to a wintery sun in Bastogne, Belgium

*** 27 June 2015 (1) ***
DREAM BIG! And support the 101st Airborne Division Association by taking a chance. Deadline for replies is 20 July 2015.

*** 10 May 2015 ***
A little piece of research which we thought was very interesting 'letter to the editor'.

*** 11 May 2015 ***
An update is long overdue although we believe that the 70th anniversary of VE-day is a good excuse for the lack of 'latest news'.

Recently, members of the Foundation have started cleaning out and scanning the archives of the late P.M. Pulles, original author of the Screaming Eagles of WWII reference book.
There is lots of'snail mail' correspondence covering many years to be sorted out. Correspondence with WWII veterans, fellow researchers and family members of WWII Eagles.

While sorting, we are simultaneously checking, adding and correcting the list of Screaming Eagles of WWII. Tedious work but very rewarding as we discover that a lot more
information has become available over the past 30 years. So much more, that we have been publishing bits and pieces on our Facebook page (look for "Screaming Eagles of WWII
Foundation"). The reactions to these posts have led us to believe that we should start a separate item on this website: RESEARCH BITS & PIECES. By doing so, the information will stay
available for the general public.

We hope you will enjoy this initiative and we invite you to give your comments.


*** 6 February 2015 ***
We ask your attention for the imminent closure of the 'Bastogne Barracks'. Due to more cut backs imposed by the Belgian government, the base, museum and former HQ of the
101st Airborne Division in Bastogne during WWII, are threatened by closure.

A group of enthusiastic volunteers who keep the memory of the significant building alive, has started a huge promotion trying to convince the government of the importance
of safeguarding this heritage. And they need your help. Like in any democratic society, a petition might do the trick. The group can be found on Facebook: "Bastogne Barracks doit survivre".
Check it out for more pictures of people who care.

You can help by signing the petition too.

*** 5 January 2015 ***
One of the joys of selling the new version of the reference book Screaming Eagles of WWII is meeting new people interested in the same thing:
honoring the memory of those who fought for our freedom. Many a time there's a different approach to the same theme.

To understand what we mean, please check out this website in honor of Ronald Speirs (506PIR).

photo copied from

*** 4 January 2015 ***
Today we are highlighting an innovative new service in the battle field tourism area:

The owner and initiator of Freedom Compass Travel Services based in The Netherlands, Leoni Wenstedt, is a graduate in tourism studies with special credits in sustainable tourism.
Moreover, Leoni is an Honorary Member of both the 327 and 506 Infantry Regiments of the United States Army.
Although a certified tourist guide herself, Leoni Wenstedt, focusses on creating, planning and organizing trips to battle field areas for individuals and groups. All products are
customized to the needs and wishes of her customers (musea, military units, schools etc.) and range from finding specialised local tour guides to complete travel packages with
location coordinates, recommendations for accommodation and travel time. Freedom Compass Travel Services not only covers the World War II area, but ALL war heritage, anywhere
in the world.

Freedom Compass Travel Services' concept is completely new in the battle field tourism area. The company's vision is one of establishment of sustainable tourism to war heritage.
Learn more by visiting the website or by making enquiries.

*** 3 January 2015 *** HAPPY NEW YEAR ***
2014 was remarkable in many ways.

Special celebrations for the 70th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy, Operation Dragoon, Operation Market Garden and the Battle of the Bulge.
Were you there? The events were covered on a multitude of websites and Facebook. All events honored the World War II veterans and had a resolve to keep remembering the
sacrifices made. Freedom is not free - it needs cherishing, guarding, remembrance and education.

2014 was special for our Foundation as well. After introducing a new logo for our Foundation, we finally completed the publication of a completely new version of the Screaming Eagles of WWII
book. And as fate would have it, the printer had our order ready on 18 September - the day the city of Eindhoven in The Netherlands was liberated by the 506 Parachute Infantry Regiment,
101 Airborne Division.

The former six different books (P.M. Pulles rosters) per unit are now one book with 683 pages and some 10-15% new names. Screaming Eagles of WWII Foundation, ISBN 978-90-9028224-4.
Information consists of name, rank, unit, home state, date killed in action, date missing in action, date wounded in action and any additional details such as killed in plane crash, type of wounds,
place of burial and a check of data against the U.S. National Archives database. We sell directly through our Foundation. We accept orders via email and payment through PayPal.

The 2014 version of the reference book Screaming Eagles of WWII
is a limited edition.
We will not publish a new version any time soon!

So get your copy now.

Order now
and discover the most complete and correct roster of ALL Screaming Eagles of WWII!

More info and prices on this unique reference book.


Name rank unit ASN state details
GUARNERE William J. "Wild Bill" ssgt 506 2E 13113070 PA W/Neth/Foy, leg, 01-03

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