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*** 21 November 2013 ***
It is with great sadness that we inform you of the sudden passing away of a respected member of our Board of Governors: Hubert Hover.
Since 2000 Hubert put up with "the Pulles family" in the board. His objective opinion was highly respected in our board meetings - especially when the going got tough.
He will be sorely missed.

Rest in peace, Huub.

*** 14 November 2013 ***
A few items of interest:

Information on Historic Walk Bastogne 2013 (pdf file) planned for Saturday 14 December 2013 taking you through the area of Flamierges and Mande St. Etienne.
We hope to see you there and drink an Airborne beer together! Let's meet in Le Nuts bar-restaurant on McAuliffe square... Can't miss it!

The complete revision of the P.M. Pulles list of Screaming Eagles of World War II is nicely coming along (see entry 14 July 2013 below). Although not definite yet, the new
edition will probably incorporate the 6 separate booklets (327/401, 501, 502, 506, Artillery and HQ) into one reference book. Talks with a new publisher are under way.
The new edition is planned to be available at the beginning of 2014. Stay tuned for the release date.

Until then, unfortunately, the old version is no longer available.

Another reminder for you to consider joining us for the 70th anniversary of Operation Market Garden festivities next year.

A great opportunity to know more of the history while in the warm company of friends and enthusiasts who all share these values:

Keeping the memory alive


Remembering the sacrifice

More information: CSM Joseph M. Bossi (Ret), director of US operations
tel. 931-624-8060 or email.


*** 20 October 2013 ***
As announced earlier, our secretary, Leoni Wenstedt, presented her paper "WWII Heritage and Tourism; insight into a sustainable cooperation" at the first ever PEACE CONFERENCE
in Wageningen, The Netherlands 9-12 October 2013. Leoni graduated on the subject earlier this year and was quite surprised when she was nudged by one of her professors
to send in a paper.

Reporting back, Leoni said: "The first Peace Conference was a huge success! Extremely interesting in terms of learning about future ways of keeping the memory alive and remembering the sacrifice!"


Named Peace Conference, the subjects were in fact about war, heritage, tourism and development in a scientific approach. With the 70th anniversary of D-Day coming up and our WWII veterans slowly vanishing, the subject becomes more important every day.

We invite you to wander about the Peace Conference's website (it was updated after the conference) to find out what it was all about.

*** 29 September 2013 ***
Vietnam War Living History Group NO SLACK 2/327 Infantry 101st ABN, based in the United Kingdom, as a group has been selected as Honorary Member by the 1st Brigade Combat Team
"BASTOGNE", 327 Infantry Regiment. The NO SLACK re-enactors are greatly appreciated and respected for keeping the memory alive of a part of the regiment's history.
The group will receive their HMOR certificate in December, in Bastogne (where else?), by way of the regimental's Honorary CSM Bossi (Ret).
Visit the NO SLACK website and leave a message! Keep up the good work, guys.

*** 22 September 2013 ***
Our secretary, Leoni Wenstedt, will be presenting her paper "WWII Heritage and Tourism; insight into a sustainable cooperation" at the first ever PEACE CONFERENCE in Wageningen,
The Netherlands 9-12 October 2013. Leoni graduated on the subject earlier this year and was quite surprised when she was nudged by one of her professors to send in a paper.
She has promised to let us know how things went.
To find out more about this event, please visit their website: PEACE CONFERENCE

*** 22 September 2013 ***
Because of the 70th anniversary of the D-day Invasion in June 2014 the Round Canopy Parachuting Team is planning to organise an enormous public “Dakota Fest” and to bring as
much of these aircraft as possible to Normandy again! For the first time since 1944 the skies over Normandy will be filled with Dakotas to drop paratroopers. Throughout Europe about 15
of these aircraft are still flying and for this very special occasion we want to bring them all together one last time, so everyone can admire these beautiful aircraft on the ground and in the air, where they belong!

This initiative (DAKS OVER NORMANDY) needs funding and the Round Canopy Parachuting Team is asking for your help. Please give freely to make this possible in honor of our liberators.

*** 22 September 2013 ***
We have been in touch with Jenny La Sala, daughter of David C. THARP (World War II, 502 HQ) who passed away in 1999.
Jenny collected her father's letters home in a book: COMES A SOLDIER's WHISPER. A portion of book profits will be donated to Operation First Response, recognized by
former President George W. Bush and the 101st Airborne Division for it's outstanding work with American's veterans.

Find out how one fine paratrooper put his thoughts on paper to share with loved ones at home.

Click on the picture - this will take you to the Comes A Soldier's Whisper site where you can order your copy.

Thanks, Jenny, for sharing!

*** 2 September 2013 ***
On August 22nd, our good friend, retired Col. Ted A. (Wild Turkey) Crozier, was honored by the Association of the United States Army by introducing the Ted Crozier Corporate Membership
Award. Read about it in the Fort Campbell Courier. Great man, great sense of duty, and great sense of humor!

Picture copyright Ft Campbell Courier

*** 1 September 2013 ***
With 10 interested parties already, it is time to put up the tentative programme for Operation Torch 2014.
We're working on filling in the details, finding the best hotels, gathering information on the different activities and events organized for the 70th anniversary of the liberation of
The Netherlands and will post updates as we go along.

Don't miss it - we keep to a first come, first serve policy. No down payment until 1 January 2014 - just your serious interest.
A registration form and terms and conditions will be posted shortly.

*** 20 August 2013 ***
Today, 1st Brigade Combate Team (look them up on Facebook), held their uncasing of the colors ceremony to mark the end of a 9-month deployment to Afghanistan.
At the same time there was the unveiling of the memorial to Sgt. Michael Cable.

Pictures copyright 1st Brigade Combat Team:



The brigade and its units: 1st Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment "Bulldogs"; No Slack Battalion 2/327 (Official);
1-32 CAV; 2-320th FAR, 1 BCT, 101st ABN DIV (AASLT); 1st Special Troops Battalion-Spartans; 426th Brigade Support Battalion, 1st BCT, Fort Campbell, KY, uncases its Colors to show the end of its deployment and also unveils the memorial for Sgt. Michael Cable.

*** 19 August 2013 ***
More and more, the war in Vietnam is becoming an intesting theme for documentary and film makers, authors, organized tours and yes, re-enactment.
40 years were needed to recover slowly from the hurt and political siding. It's about time.
Time to honor the enlisted man who found himself in the hell we call war. Time to remember the sacrifices and to honor ALL who did their duty.

We invite you to visit the website of this British group of re-enactors who took 2/327th Infantry 101st Airborne history as their theme. We salute you!

Two inspirational pictures taken of the Vietnam memorial and wall in Washington D.C. (from internet)

*** 17 August 2013 ***
How's your Russian?
Recently, we've come into contact with a Russian group of WWII reenactors and this is their blog.

If your Russian is a little rusty, check out the pictures!
Thank you, Andrey, for giving us permission to post.

*** 17 August 2013 ***
With National Airborne Day just one day old, we also remember Operation Dragoon : the allied invasion of Southern France on 15 August 1944.

In the shadows of Operation Overlord, and the region of Southern France being a long way away from the bulk of interested public, Operation Dragoon is becoming a less
known piece of history. On the 19th August 1944 an American cemetery was set up in the provincial town of DRAGUIGNAN. It is now called the Rhone, France cemetery by the
American Battle Monuments Commission. 860 American servicemen are buried here.


Pictures taken by Petra Pulles on Memorial Day 2013

*** 15 August 2013 ***
The 1st Brigade Combat Team (327 Infantry Regiment) returned from their 9 month deployment to Afghanistan last week.
We want to salute our American board member, Honorary Command Sergeant Major Bossi, for welcoming each and every BASTOGNE member back:

Pictures by Leaf Chronicle, Ft Campbell Courier and 1st BCT FB page photographers

*** 14 July 2013 ***
Over the last few years we've been busy. As a Foundation with only a few members on the Board of Governors, we've been skinned to the bone when our chairperson

went on a police mission to Kosovo, and our secretary went to Malaga, Spain for an internship last year. In the beginning of this year, our chairperson accepted a challenging job with an international police organisation in Lyon, France.

In the meantime, we have been concentrating on a huge update of our core business: the lists/rosters of the 101st Airborne Division members in World War II by P.M. Pulles.

The first compilation of these lists (copyrighted by our Foundation) were done in prehistoric computer times, without internet, email, Facebook or cell phones.

The author P.M. Pulles († 1997) spent over 20 years of his life dedicated to perfecting details like date Killed or Wounded in Action, place of burial, Army Serial Number, or any information available on special events such as being taken Prisoner of War.

In order to gather information he attended numerous reunions of the 101st Airborne Division Association, communicated with hundreds of WWII veterans through phone calls and old school correspondence, and compared notes with author/historians like George Koskimakis (WWII 101/HQ) and Mark Bando.

In order to keep the books updated, our Foundation has been incorporating new information since 1997 with the help of friends like Gerard Fonteyn (medals), author
Kevin Brooks (author of Glider Infantryman), and Dennis van den Heuvel (prisoners of war). A new version, with another size and cover, was introduced a few years ago.

In 2010, we discovered the tedious work done by mr Brandon T. Wiegand who compiled close to a hundred indexes to General Orders as archived by the US National Archives database.

An incredible work - and still ongoing. We highly commend mr Wiegand for this as his work is a great asset to researchers and historians.

Since the National Archives are an official, objective and most complete source of information, we started to incorporate mr Wiegand's information for the 101st Airborne Division
in the P.M. Pulles books. Again a tedious work, requiring time and accuracy, but very rewarding as a wealth of new information has been added to the P.M. Pulles

At the moment we are in the process of editing in order to perfect the lay-out. We are planning to get the new edition printed before the end of 2013. Stay tuned.

*** 11 July 2013 ***
The first reaction to posting the information on Operation Torch 2014 was from our good friends Living History Association Group THE SCREAMING DUCKS.
They have promised to be our host again in the programme touring "the Island" - with its sometimes forgotten part of the history of the 101st Airborne Division.

THANK YOU, GUYS - that's why we LOVE you!

To all future participants: YOU'LL love them too. The Screaming Ducks are a synonym for fun, fun, fun - oh, and some serious history too.
So don't hesitate and register for Operation Torch 2014.

*** 10 July 2013 ***

Our latest update was October last year - we realise that.
There are some very good reasons for that. Some are in the personal environment of our board members such as serious illness in the family. Other reasons include the busy final period of college education for our secretary and the acceptance of a new challenging job in a different country for our chairperson.

Now that things have settled down, we are preparing new activities. Today we would like to introduce the first one:

OPERATION TORCH 2014 - yes, next year, celebrating the 70th anniversary of a liberated Europe

This is not your off-the-rack, done-for-profit WWII tour, but a great trip organised by a non-profit organisation recognised by the Dutch government and the 101st Airborne Division Association.
We'll take you along the sites of Operation Market-Garden in the Netherlands, through the area of the largest land battle of WWII (the Battle of the Bulge) in Bastogne, Belgium and the
invasion beaches of Normandy, France.

*local guides who share their extensive knowledge of your and our history
*surprising hospitality
*taking plenty of time visiting the sites
*attention for personal interests

PLAN these dates: arrival September 9th - departure September 22nd, 2014

ENLIST now! And secure your place on the bus (maximum of 45 participants).
No deposit until 1st January 2014. Price per person based on double occupancy in hotel rooms and subject to change due to exchange rates.
Includes all meals, hotels, museums and transport by bus from arrival to departure at airport (location to be determined).
Price does not include flights.

More information: CSM Joseph M. Bossi (Ret), director of US operations - tel. 931-624-8060 or email

LINKS to pictures/information on Operation Torch 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009

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