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*** November 27, 2010 ***
Don't forget to miss all the fun in Bastogne, Belgium on December 10, 11 and 12:

You will experience a warm welcome when you visit this Historical Marker, the Fair, the Displays and Exposition before or after you have walked the Bastogne Memorial Walk 2010.

Visit the Head Quarters , the place that was visited by Gen. Patton, Troy Middleton, Omar Bradley, Gen. Eisenhouwer and many more. Stand in the room where Brig. Gen. Anthony McAuliffe replied "NUTS!" to the German demand to surrender.

Don't miss it this year !!!!!

Military vehicles on Display , Bar , entertainment.

Opening times:
10 December : 13h00 - 18h00
11 December : 08h00 - 18h00
12 December : 08h00 - 18h00

Entrance : Free !!

*** November 11, 2010 ***
Anzac Day, Armistice Day, Memorial Day, Remembrance Day, Volkstrauertag: a day to commemmorate the end of World War I because major hostilities of World War I
were formally ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 with the German signing of the Armistice.

Let's give them a handshake today, or a hug, or the respect of flying your national flag. Remember your veterans by your prayer or poem.

To help you on why we should remember, read the amazing story about Van T. Barfoot

or the poem A SOLDIER DIED TODAY by A. Lawrence Vaincourt:

He was getting old and paunchy. And his hair was falling fast. And he sat around the Legion. Telling stories of the past.
Of a war that he once fought in. And the deeds that he had done. In his exploits with his buddies. They were heroes, every one.
And 'tho sometimes to his neighbours, his tales became a joke. All his buddies listened quietly, for they knew whereof he spoke.
But we'll hear his tales no longer, for old Bob has passed away. And the world's a little poorer, for a Soldier died today.
He won't be mourned by many, just his children and his wife. For he lived an ordinary, very quiet sort of life.
He held a job and raised a family. Going quietly on his way. And the world won't note his passing, tho a Soldier died today.

When politicians leave this earth, their bodies lie in state. While thousands note their passing, and proclaim that they were great.
Papers tell of their life stories, from the time that they were young. But the passing of a Soldier goes unnoticed, and unsung.
Is the greatest contribution to the welfare of our land, someone who breaks his promise, and cons his fellow man?
Or the ordinary fellow, who, in times of war and strife, goes off to serve his country, and offers up his life?
The politician’s stipend and the style in which he lives, are often disproportionate, to the service that he gives.
While the ordinary Soldier, who offered up his all, is paid off with a medal and perhaps a pension, though small.

It is not the politicians with their compromise and ploys, who won for us the freedom that our country now enjoys.
Should you find yourself in danger, with your enemies at hand, would you really want some cop-out, with his ever waffling stand?
Or would you want a Soldier-- his home, his country, his kin? Just a common Soldier, who would fight until the end?

He was just a common Soldier. And his ranks are growing thin. But his presence should remind us, we may need his like again.
For when countries are in conflict, we find the Soldier's part, is to clean up all the troubles that the politicians start.
If we cannot do him honour while he's here to hear the praise, then at least let's give him homage, at the ending of his days.
Perhaps just a simple headline in the paper that might say: "OUR COUNTRY IS IN MOURNING, A SOLDIER DIED TODAY."

*** October 31st, 2010 ***
A little HOOAH HOOAH for Halloween! But, please, don't forget to make Christmas a little warmer for them!

*** October 29th, 2010 ***
On 10-11-12 December 2010 the Head Quarters of the 101st Airborne Division during the Battle for Bastogne will be open again to the public.

You will experience a warm welcome when you visit this Historical Marker, the Fair, the Displays and Exposition.

Visit the Head Quarters , the place that was visited by Gen. Patton, Troy Middleton, Omar Bradley, Gen. Eisenhouwer and many more. Stand in the room where Brig. Gen. Anthony McAuliffe replied "NUTS!" to the German demand to surrender.

Don't miss it this year !!!!!

Military vehicles on Display , Bar , entertainment.

Opening times:
10 December : 13h00 - 18h00
11 December : 08h00 - 18h00
12 December : 08h00 - 18h00

Entrance : Free !!

*** October 23th, 2010 ***
Join us in Christmas wishes for the men and women of the 101st Airborne Division



What's the idea?

At present, the men and women of the 101st Airborne Division have another Rendez Vous With Destiny in Afghanistan. Operation Enduring Freedom is in full swing. Our eagles will be in harm's way while we are preparing for the holiday season: with gifts, a tree, family, charming lights, warmth in the home and the cold outside.

Here's an opportunity to give support and warmth to our Screaming Eagles:

By donating the symbolic amount of 101 euro, you can join us in warming the eagle's heart. Through the funds acquired, we are able to have a Christmas card printed as seen above. Your name as sponsor will be printed on the inside of the card, as seen below.
1st Brigade Combat Team has pledged to have the card delivered to the soldiers in Afghanistan.

But there's more!

All proceeds after costs will go to the wounded warriors and their families in Walter Reed hospital in Virginia, USA.



By donating, a name of your choice will be printed in the card. Your name, the name of a loved one, the name of a website, or the name of your group, association or organisation.

Space is obviously limited. And it's first come, first serve.

Once an eagle, always an them you care...then and now!

Our EAGLES are doing the job they do best. WE can support them in their job, by showing them we think of them, we support them, and we wish them ALL THE BEST...



Joining is easy, using your credit card through PayPal.

Or, in The Netherlands, through our bank account ING number 910.28.38
Or, in Europe using IBAN: NL89INGB009102838 and BIC: INGNL2A

Clearly state "XMAS" and which name you want printed on the card.

On receipt of payment, your name of choice will appear on the card pictured on the left after your payment has been processed.

This initiative and its design are copyright of the Dutch Screaming Eagles of WWII Foundation. Using the design without permission will automatically lead to legal action.
The Screaming Eagles of WWII Foundation takes full responsibility for the proper use of funds.
Design by Leoni Wenstedt: depicting a resting Screaming Eagle, supported by the eagle in all of us.

Photographs by
Wilbert van der Leeuw

*** October 10th, 2010 ***
Active member of the Airborne Committee Eerde, Ad van de Laar, has energy and time for more passions in his life besides the AIRBORNE:
On November 6, 2010, Ad and his daughter Linda are planning to participate in a fundraising ralley from Amsterdam (The Netherlands) to Dakar (Senegal).
What a challenge! And what a courage! GERONIMO!
Please have a look (in Dutch) at their plans...donations are still needed for a project in Africa and their trip.

Good luck to you AD and LINDA - God's Speed and a Safe Return!

*** September 20th, 2010 *** 2***
The organisation which makes Eindhoven come alight (Lichtjesroute) each year to remember our liberation along a 22 kilometer route from September 18 to the middle of October was given
a great handshake by the city of Eindhoven last Saturday: financial support to the amount of 140.000 euro to change from light bulbs to led lighting.

FINALLY, the city of Eindhoven gets the picture!!! Money well spent.

*** September 20th, 2010 *** 1 ***
Our chairperson, Petra Wenstedt-Pulles, attended the Eindhoven Freedom Lecture 2010 at the Technical University of Eindhoven:


Unfortunately, guest speaker George Salton, had to excuse himself for medical reasons. Mr Salton recently received exciting news that his long lost brother, who went missing in WWII,
might be alive. The search for his brother is in full swing at the moment, and Mr Salton was advised not to travel.

General Van Uhm spoke to us with zest and inspiration, and in every day words: he made his audience ponder on the question "what have others done, so I can have freedom?"
He spoke of the liberation of Eindhoven on September 18th, 1944. Of the subsequent German bombardement on the city on September 19th. He mentioned how, in 2010, we have evolved our
liberation ceremonies to one in which we invite a German Major General to be present at our torch parade to watch German young veterans from the war in Afghanistan parade in the city
of Eindhoven.
He spoke of freedom which needs defending, sometimes at the highest cost. And how all of this is kept alive in Eindhoven.

The general also spoke of how The Netherlands is one of the few countries which states in its constitution that we commit ourselves to uphold international rule of law.
He referred to the WWII Screaming Eagles of the US 101st Airborne Division who had, and still have, an exemplary task. He urged the audience to watch (again) the HBO mini series
"Band of Brothers" to be able to understand the meaning of exemplary.

General Van Uhm mentioned the role of democracy: politicians determine what our armed forces do, which energy is put into what, and how time, money and effort is invested.
He mentioned responsibility - of the individual and of a group or institution. Remarkable was his explanation that "to do nothing, is taking a responsibility too".
In the training of the armed forces, respect and trust are key words.
Finally, Van Uhm spoke of the alliances of WWII to the present, from burden sharing to risk sharing.

The general answered a few questions from the audience with wisdom, grace and patience. In his answer to the question "Is there respect and gratitude towards our present armed forces
on return from a mission", Van Uhm referred to the greeting Vietnam veterans give each other nowadays: WELCOME HOME, BROTHER. A welcome they never got.

It was a pleasure hearing General Van Uhm speak...

*** September 18th, 2010 ***
September 18th in Eindhoven, The Netherlands is the day to celebrate our liberation from the totalitarian Nazi regime.
1944 is a generation ago - it's history....and it seems to be slowly forgotten how the people of Eindhoven, of Europe, suffered under this regime with no freedoms as defined by US
president Franklin D. Roosevelt in his State of the Union address to the 77th US Congres on January 6, 1941.

Roosevelt defined these four fundamental freedoms as:
- Freedom of speech and expression
- Freedom of every person to worship God in his own way
- Freedom from want
- Freedom from fear

Hardly any flags were seen flying in celebration over Eindhoven. Only a very select group of people attended the opening of the exhibition ROAD TO FREEDOM by mayor Rob van Gijzel
in the central library in the morning. Sounds of a strictly structured and regulated torch parade in the evening were heard.
The Young Dutch Veterans house had a nice crowd gathering in the morning to honor one of the Dutch Balkan-war veterans with a medal. They had an all day programme which closed by
joining the parade in the evening with a large group of veterans - among them a WWII veteran, a forward observer from a British artillery division who ended his war May 2nd,1945 on the Baltic coast.
Can you see what's happening here?

To you readers, I pose the question:
Where is YOUR heart in this?
Freedom is being fought over, all over the world, today. Have we forgotten that freedom needs guards, needs soldiers, needs sacrifice, nourishment and efforts?
The honorable mr Roosevelt spoke of fundamental freedoms...and they don't come easy. If you cherish the freedoms we regained in 1944, 1945, will you pledge to guard them and fight for them
today? If we all join hands, we can find a way to make it happen: that the sacrifices which were made in regaining OUR freedom is not forgotten.

Let's put our hearts back into the fight!

*** September 17th, 2010 ***
The Airborne Committe in Eerde, The Netherlands once again organised a humble but most respectful tribute to the liberators of 1944:

And the liberators of 1944 who are still able to be present are grateful for this tribute. Not for themselves, but for their friends and fellow soldiers, who can't be there.


Left: Mr John Primerano WWII 501.

Right: the schoolchildren guarding the flowers and waiting for their turn to participate in the ceremony.

Eerde, a very small community which saw much fighting in September 1944, has been keeping the memory alive for many years. Through a project which involves the local schoolchildren aged 12, a bridge is built between past and present.

Left: The 501 monument with floral tribute.

Right: front row mr Ray Nagell (WWII 101 Artillery) with his wife Helen, listening to the speeches.

This year, our members of the board of governors, mr and mrs Van Loo-Polley, laid a flower arrangement in honor of the 101st Airborne men who paid for our freedom with their lives, their blood and their fears.


Lest we forget

*** September 13th, 2010 ***
1. Unfortunately, sad news again:
WWII veteran and author George Koskimaki (D-Day with the Screaming Eagles / Hell's Highway) lost his beloved grandson Matthew in Afghanistan on September 6th.
For privacy and security reasons, we do not post mr Koskimaki's address here. Should you wish to send a card or email message, you can do so by sending it to our webmaster.
Your prayers for strength and comfort are always welcome.

2. Photo exhibition EINDHOVEN
September 18th is coming up: in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, this is the day we remember. The day we celebrate our freedom regained on September 18, 1944.
Eindhoven is one of the few places in The Netherlands which keeps commemmorating annually by organising and supporting different events and activities throughout the city.
This year, there's special attention for a photo exhibition in the Eindhoven's central library : ROAD TO FREEDOM
The exhibition, a joint venture with partner city Bayeux in Normandy, is a combination of price winning photographer Yasuyoshi Chiba and Dutch artist Anouk Bax, and will run from
September 18th to October 10th.
Opening hours Eindhoven library:
Mondays 13.00-20.00 / Tuesdays-Fridays 11.00-20.00 / Saturdays 11.00-17.00 / Sundays 13.00-17.00

3. Fund raiser Dick Winters memorial - Normandy
Mr Tim Gray, of Tim Gray Media, Rhode Island instigated a project called 1st Lt. Richard Winters Leadership Project. The aim is to dedicate a statue in Normandy (Ste. Marie-du-Mont) recognizing
(then) First Lieutenant Richard Winters and the leadership abilities of all US Army officers of all divisions and corps during the Normandy phase of Operation Overlord. The statue will be designed
by internationally known sculptor Stephen Spears of Fairhope, AL and be the likeness of Lt. Winters. Mr. Spears is the sculptor of the United States World War I Doughboy statue in
Cantigny, France and the U.S. Navy World War II monument, dedicated in 2008 outside the Utah Beach museum, Ste. Marie-du-Mont, France.
Whatever your opinion may be on the "Band of Brothers" hype, we hope you will visit mr Gray's website to make up your own mind.

*** August 22nd, 2010 ***
1. NEW PATTON MEMORIAL, Bastogne - Belgium

From Belgium we received news that the Patton Memorial in Bastogne was relocated (30 yards) after a thorough clean up and some restoration work.
The memorial can be found on the road to Arlon from McAuliffe square. The site is renamed Place General Patton and was officially inaugurated on July 17th.
Judging from the Belgian comments, the city of Bastogne did a great job...enabling future commemmorations to host more people with a better view and sufficient parking space.

2. PIPER Bill Millin died August 17th, 2010.

Read his amazing story on D-Day June 6, 1944.
Other interesting links: Pegasus archive, Telegraph obituary and BBC news.

3. REQUEST FOR INFORMATION on 101st Airborne, especially Division HQ, 506 HQ at "Schoonderlogt" and MP at Slijk-Ewijk.

Bauke Huisman, himself living in Valburg in The Netherlands, in the centre of the area which the 101st soldiers dubbed "The Island" in WWII, is asking
for information on the 101st in this area. Bauke grew up near "Schoonderlogt", which the 506 PIR used as their HQ (remember the famous photograph of Dick Winters with his helmet under
his arm?). Bauke's grandfather owned the farm which was used by the MP's as HQ Kingfish at a little village called Slijk-Ewijk - which the Americans called Slicky Wicky...
The above photograph was supplied by Bauke and was taken near his grandfather's farm. Bauke's comment: "The little fruit crate behind the MP was probably my grandfather's."

Please contact Bauke directly if you can supply him with any information on this important local as to keep the memory alive.

*** July 18th, 2010 ***
The date and promotional leaflet for the Bastogne Memorial Walk has been posted.
2010 heralds a new organisation of this well known Memorial Walk. It seems that WWII veteran and initiator of the walk, Mr M. Sperandieu, has stepped down to younger generations to
keep the memory alive.
THANK YOU, Maurice Sperandieu, for all your hard work. Let's make him proud, people, by showing up this year in memory of those who fought for our freedom.
And good luck City of Bastogne and USAG Benelux in your joint effort. We'll see you in Bastogne on December 11th, 2010!

Although a little late, very nice pictures of Memorial Day in Washington DC, hosted by the National Capital Area Chapter of the 101st ABN Division Association:

Ready to go:
f.l.t.r. Petra Wenstedt-Pulles, CSM Joseph M. Bossi (Ret), mr John Keene and mr Ben Infuso
Joey Bossi, always ready to provide the WWII entourage.
Mrs and Mr Harry Nivens and Joey Bossi, after Harry gave a speech at the National WWII memorial. Standing in front of the Gold Star wall overlooking the George Washington monument.
Right: the 101st Airborne Division memorial on Arlington Drive before the ceremony and the wreaths waiting in line.
The webmaster's favorite: part of the Korean War memorial. Very impressive in the mists.
Petra Wenstedt-Pulles, chairperson of the Screaming Eagles of WWII Foundation, presenting a check of $ 750 to mr Richard Winters (middle), flanked by CSM Joseph M. Bossi (Ret).

The $ 750 were the nett proceeds from the Airborne Memorial Walk which was held on September 20th, 2009 in Eerde, The Netherlands.

The money will be used by mr Winters and his group towards support for the wounded warriors and their families in Walter Reed hospital.

*** July 5th, 2010 ***
Correction from Reg and mr D'Hoffschmidt on who deserves credit for restoring and cleaning up the Native American soldier memorial:
THANK YOU Annick and Eddy and the rest of the group who organise the Indian camp at the annual festival - THANK YOU for keeping the memory alive.

*** July 4th, 2010 ***
Independence Day - an important day in the U.S. commemmorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776.
Enjoy the day...and the freedom that goes with it.

***NEWSFLASH from Belgium:
Our good friend, Reg Jans, informed us that the "vandalized" memorial for the Native American Soldiers in Recogne, Belgium was restored recently by mr D'Hoffschmidt.
The memorial is on the WWII 3/506 PIR lines near Fazone woods, South of Recogne near Bastogne, and honors all Native Americans who fought to liberate Belgium.
Thank you, mr D'Hoffschmidt and thank you, Reg, for letting us know that people still care after all these years.

***A "must see" link to a video on the 101st Airborne Division based at FOB Wilderness in Afghanistan:

***Two new book reviews:

HORSE SOLDIERS by Doug Stanton
The dramatic account of a small band of U.S. Special Forces soldiers who secretly entered Afghanistan following 9/11 and rode to war on horses against the Taliban.
Copyright 2009 by Reed City Productions, LLC - ISBN 978-1-4165-8051-5 - Scribner, USA

LASTING LEGACY - The Joe E. Mann story by Rae Anna Victor
A compilation of history, news, information on dedications in the US and The Netherlands concerning pfc Joe Eugene Mann, Medal of Honor recipient. On September 19th, 1944 near Best in The Netherlands, Joe Mann (101st Airborne, 502 PIR/H co.), wounded and unable to toss back a German grenade which landed nearby, threw himself onto it, saving the lives of his comrades.
Copyright 2010 Rae Anna Victor - ISBN 978-0-922993-92-5 -Marquette Books, LLC, Spokane, Washington, USA

*** June 13th, 2010 ***
Taking you back to the event Operation Liberty Force organised by Living History Assn The Screaming Ducks for a bird's eye view.
ENJOY...photographs by Rob Prophitius. A job well done.

*** June 5th, 2010 ***
On the eve of yet another anniversary commemmoration for D-Day in Normandy, a look back on Memorial Day.
Chairperson Petra Wenstedt-Pulles was kindly offered to attend the Memorial Day ceremonies in Washington D.C., hosted by the National Capital Area Chapter of the 101st Airborne Division Association. On Saturday 29th May, wreaths were laid at the national WWII memorial, the Korean war memorial, and at the Vietnam memorial. (More pictures to follow.)

(L) On Sunday 30th, over 40 wreaths were laid at the 101st Airborne Division monument on Memorial Drive at Arlington.

(R) One of them in honor of those 101st men who were killed or missing in action in The Netherlands during WWII by CSM Joseph M. Bossi (Ret) and Petra Wenstedt-Pulles on behalf of the Screaming Eagles of WWII Foundation.

(Photo's courtesy of the National Capital Area Chapter of the 101st Airborne Division Assn).

MARGRATEN, The Netherlands:
Queen Beatrix, as she does so often, attended the Memorial Day services at U.S. cemetery Margraten in The Netherlands. Thousands came to pay their respect, despite the horrible weather which prevented the customary fly-by in missing-man formation.

(Photo's courtesy of our friend Tom Timmermans
a.k.a. Battledetective).


One of our sponsors, mr Hans Kroon, published a beautiful report on the ceremonies at Margraten in the International Kroon Times nr. 59.
Thank you Hans for your permission to post!

*** May 18th, 2010 ***
As you may already know, the 101st Airborne Division is in the process of a new deployment to Afghanistan. In order to give you ideas on how you can support the men you hold dear to your heart, we invite you to have a look at this gentle reminder.

*** May 13th, 2010 ***
Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the famous attack on the Belgium fortress Eben-Emael, a large event will be held on 16th May 2010.
Information available through Fortissimus.

*** May 9th, 2010 ***
Sad news also, received yesterday, from Tom Sewell, president of the 101st Airborne Division Association:
"To All Screaming Eagles and Friends of the 101st Airborne Division Association,
It is with deep sadness that we report to you that Sam Bass, our Executive Secretary and Treasurer from 2005 to 2009, passed away this morning at 8:32 am.

Sam was suffering from cancer that had spread throughout his body. He fought a hearty battle for the past several years with this terrible disease.
He joined us at Snowbird this past February and terrorized everyone on his scooter. He was a very generous man with a great big heart.
He will be missed immensely. Sam's Memorial and Funeral Services will be on Saturday, May 15, 2010. Services will be held at The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints at 801 Lafayette Blvd. in Clarksville, TN 37042. The Memorial Service will begin at 9 am with the funeral to follow at 11 or 12. Sam will be buried with full Military Honors at the Kentucky Veterans Cemetery in Hopkinsville. His pall bearers will be the youth that he has helped.
Sam and his family have asked that in lieu of flowers that donations be made to the Screaming Eagle Support Fund to help soldiers in need or the Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center in Nashville. We will always remember Sam Bass, the man who "was a soldier, is a soldier and will always be your soldier!"

*** May 8th, 2010 ***
Jim Huwe, proud son of Elroy V. HUWE (WWII 501 PIR HQ), informed us of the passing away of his father last month.

Jim agrees with us that the stories these troopers have to tell should not be forgotten. You'll find part of Elroy's memoirs as the latest
addition to our section Tales of WWII. Thank you very much, Jim and family, for sharing.

*** May 5th, 2010 ***
Today we celebrate our National Liberation Day in The Netherlands - the 65th anniversary of the regaining of our freedom!

A great opportunity to add the latest news:

This morning, our secretary Leoni, was invited to hold a presentation on World War Two in "Den Eerdbrand", a home for senior citizens in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Although she felt a little strange to be explaining Operation Market Garden to people who were children in that time period, she did great. We are proud of you, Leoni!


The Dutch Living History Group "The Screaming Ducks" organised a large event in order to celebrate the 65th anniversary of our liberation
in Wijk bij Duurstede, The Netherlands. Our Foundation was there for some sales and promotion.
Unfortunately the weather wasn't cooperating which made the days chilly and the nights definitely COLD.
Hospitality, friendship, remembrance and dedication kept participants, veterans and guests warm though.

The Screaming Ducks are busy today with our national here's our photo impression:

Wijk bij Duurstede in The Netherlands, is a small town at the South West tip of an area in between rivers in the middle of Holland. During WWII this area was nicknamed "The Island" by the soldiers of the US 101st Airborne Division.

There is much to admire in Wijk bij Duurstede, which dates back to Roman times.

View on the harbor with a Dutch marine ship from the 60's. In the background the WWII camp.

You need to be tough to become a Screaming Duck :)

And you need to be able to pitch your tent in rain and stormy weather, use your needle and carry a machine gun around
In a joint venture with Pathfinder Parachute Group Europe, a few troopers dared to jump in the rain and heavy winds. Each one of them was wet but safe.

On Friday, July 9th, 2010 the dedication ceremony will be held for the 1/502 monument at Ft. Campbell, KY (U.S.A.).
Everyone is invited to attend this special event, including those who may be attending the 101st Airborne Division Vietnam Veterans
Organization reunion. For details on how to register, please contact your webmaster.

A new initiative was taken which aims for a coordinating role in liberation events in the Operation Market Garden area in The Netherlands:
the Platform Operation Market Garden Foundation was introduced on April 28th, 2010. Good luck, Harry, Henk and Henk , in your future
endeavours. No website yet...but we are patiently waiting.

The 506th Airborne Infantry Regiment Association announces many new 506th-related items for sale in order to support their association.
All sales can be found in the Quartermaster Section of their website. Be sure to take a peek!

*** April 18, 2010 ***
1. Another WWII eagle soared: John Agnew (101st ABN Div/506 PIR).
An article by Ron Todt on - word document

2. An amazing story (author unknown) on a Vietnam Currahee: Brad Braughton.

3. The release of a new U.S. postage stamp honoring the famous WWII cartoonist Bill Mauldin.

*** March 30, 2010 ***

Military joke: military language conversion chart

Head Latrine Powder Room
Rack Bunk Single with ruffle and duvet
Mess Deck / Chow Hall Mess Hall / Mess Tent Dining Facility or The Cafe'
"Cookie"/ stew burner Mess Cook Contract Chef
Coffee / Mud Cup of Joe Vanilla Skim Latte
Bug Juice Kool-Aid Shirley Temple
Utilities / Digitals BDUs / ACUs Casual Wear
Seaman / Private Private Bobby / Jimmy
Chief / Gunny Sergeant Bob / Jim
Captain / Skipper Colonel Robert / James
Captain's Mast Article 15 Time Out
Berthing / Barracks Barracks Apartment
Skivvies / U-Trau Underwear Undies
Thrown in the Brig Put in Confinement Grounded
Zoom Bag Flight Suit Business Casual
Cover / Head Gear Beret Optional
Ship's Store / MCX PX (PX Trailer) AAFES Shopping Mall
TAD TDY PCS with family
Cruise / Afloat Deploy Huh?
Ground Grabbers Athletic Shoes Flip-Flops
Die for your Country Die for your Battle Buddy Die for Air Conditioning
Shipmate / Marine Battle Buddy Don't Ask, Don't Tell or Honey
Terminate / Kill Take Out Back on Base for Happy Hour
Boon Dockers Jump Boots Birkenstocks
Low Quarters Low Quarters Patent Leather Pumps
SEAL/SpecOps SF/Ranger Librarian
Shore Patrol / MPs MPs SF
Oouh-Rah! Hoo-ah! Hip-Hip hurray!
MRE MRE Happy Meal To Go
Salute Salute Wave
Obstacle Course Confidence Course Class VI Parking Lot
Grinder / Drill Field Parade Field What?
Ge-Dunk Snack Bar Chuck E. Cheese
PT Test APFT "No conversion available"
Dept. of the Navy DoD DoD Lite
Midshipman Cadet Debutante
Hard-Core Strak "Way Too Serious"

*** March 10, 2010 ***

Last week, we received the sad news of another WWII Eagle passing away. The news touched our hearts as we had recently met
Mr Cassidy at the Snowbird reunion in Orlando, FL. Please keep this liberator in your prayers as you express your gratitude for our freedom:

John W. Cassidy,
Sept. 16, 1921 - Feb. 28, 2010

From the obituary:
A veteran of the U.S. Army 101st Airborne, 506th Regiment Headquarters Company during World War II, he was a Purple Heart recipient wounded in Holland in 1944, and he was a part of the D-Day invasion as a paratrooper.

*** February 24, 2010 ***

A nice delegation of the Screaming Eagles of WWII Foundation attented the 101st Airborne Division Association's Snowbird reunion
in Orlando Florida from 18-20 February.

A photo impression of the meeting with friends:

left: A view of the Wyndham grounds

right: Meeting up with Past President Joseph M. Bossi (l)and Vice President Harold (A.J.) Murdock (r)

below from left to right:
1. (l) Betty Taylor Hill and (r) chairperson Petra Wenstedt-Pulles
3. hospitality room

left: (f.l.t.r.) Vinnie Vicari, Charlie Gant and secretary Leoni Wenstedt

right: Still a Band of Brothers

below from left to right:
1. Oh, oh
2. speech by chairperson Petra Wenstedt
3. Friendship

text speech


right: Going home, surrounded by NUTS
(M & M's World)

*** February 9, 2010 ***

Still available:

Battle of the Bulge challenge coin
65th anniversary
sold in protective case
5 euro's each (excl. shipping)
contact Patrick Brion
Airborne Demonstration Team
WWII Airborne Legends Calendar 2010
Europe : 10 Euro + 4 Euro S&H = 14 Euro
US : 13 USD + 8.5 USD S&H = 21.5 USD
(Shipped from Europe )
contact Reg Jans

*** January 26, 2010 ***

April 30 and May 1
Re-enactment group 40-45 organises an event called OPERATION LUCKY STRIKE in Waldadrift - Bedum (Northern part of The Netherlands).
More information through the contact page on their website. Full size poster here.

*** January 24, 2010 ***

February 20 La Gleize museum, Belgium
Memorial walk: "In the footsteps of the 82nd Airborne Division", this year featuring 504 PIR.

*** January 16, 2010*** - 2 entries

(For background information, see January 9th)
The planning for Monday evening January 11th was a little upset due to the late arrival of the students of Bethel University.
Around 20.00 hours they arrived at the Young Dutch Veteran's house in Eindhoven, where numerous Dutch citizens of the WWII
generation awaited them to share different war experiences.

Thanks to the warm hospitality of the volunteers of the veteran's house, the efforts of the WWII generation, the contributions of
translating friends (one of them, Paul, in WWII paratrooper uniform), and our secretary Leoni, everyone looked back on a great
evening with traditional Dutch "gezelligheid". THANK YOU everyone!
For a report on the evening by the student's, please visit their blog.

On Tuesday, our secretary Leoni, took the student's on a general bus tour of Operation Market Garden, from Best to Arnhem.
Great job, Leoni - we are proud of you!

On Thursday January 14th, an exciting newsflash came in:
"Because of lots of internal and external political pressure and negotiations, Belgian Minister of Defense Pieter De Crem made some
significant changes in his plan to close down the HEINTZ BARRACKS in BASTOGNE. The Artillery Unit 1A will no longer exist and 200 people
will have to go and work in other camps BUT 100 soldiers will remain at the barracks to maintain the ‘new’ Historical Depot of the
Belgian Military Museum . Reasons are :
-Historical Reasons
-AND the BARRACKS , the former WWII 101st ABN Div HQ, a Historical Marker"

Great news - great job - THANKS to everyone who wrote, visited, or otherwise put on the pressure.

***January 10, 2010***

Our friend Reg Jans sent an update on the "Nuts" Cellar in Bastogne, Belgium:
" On 11-12-13 Dec 2009 , more than 1500 people visited the “Nuts” Cellar in Bastogne.
We are very grateful and proud for having so much support to keep this historical marker from destruction . THANK YOU !!!!!

The high number of visitors ‘proves’ that many people are interested to visit the HQ where Brig Anthony C. McAuliffe, CO of the 101st ABN ,
replied “NUTS!” to the German demand to surrender on 22 Dec 1944 . Also a Belgian minister visited to Cellar and told us that he started up the procedure to make it a protected building : GREAT ! Minister Pieter De Crem stated in his speech that the Cellar will not be touched
and will remain as a historical place : GREAT ! BUT: -So far these are only words . Nothing on paper yet !!!!! I surely hope they will keep their promises !

What’s going to happen with the building ? Who’s going to take care of it ? Will the men who take care of the Cellar today still be able to continue their great job ? Will it be open for the public , etc….. There are still many many questions to be answered …….too many ..! - The present Army Unit WILL disappear and so will the other buildings . Or will there still be military presence in Bastogne in the future ? - Too many questions and no answers yet but the Mayor is discussing all the possible options with the government ! Time will tell us !!!!! Fingers crossed and again , Thank you all for your support ! Every single one of you had a significant role in this cause . You all made it possible to save this historical building . Reg"

***January 9, 2010***

An exciting new activity hosted by our Foundation:
Monday, January 11th our Foundation will be welcoming students from Bethel University (Minnesota). Our secretary, Leoni Wenstedt,
has put together a programme for J-term students, which concentrates on the main theme of the student's trip: leadership.

The students are tracing the footsteps of E-Co., 506 Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101 Airborne Division in WWII. They have been on
the road now for 6 days and are currently in Normandy, France. You can follow the student's trip on a special blog.

In order to meet Bethel University's request, Leoni organised a special evening for the students on Monday next.
The evening will be held at the Young Dutch Veteran's meeting place and hosted by the Veteran's Foundation - THANK YOU, GUYS!
Object of the evening will be for the students to meet with a number of Dutch citizens who lived, or fought, in WWII. With the help
of the Veteran's Foundation, Leoni was able to contact people from different backgrounds who lived in different parts of The Netherlands
during WWII. They were eager to share their stories with the students. Other friends have offered to interpret this evening (THANK YOU).
And the veterans offered to prepare an Indonesian meal for this evening...ANOTHER BIG THANK YOU.

On Tuesday, Leoni will take the students from Best to Arnhem, showing them the general areas of Operation Market Garden.
Our good friends Ronald, Roby and Reg will take over from Leoni, guiding the students at Margraten cemetary and Bastogne.

We will follow up with a report on Leoni's efforts.

***January 3, 2010***

Another healthy New Year's resolution: a smile, laugh or chuckle a day.
Taken from 502 Company I Poopsheet, June-July 2007 issue:

"Man driving down road.
Woman driving up same road.
They pass each other.
The woman yells out the window: "PIG"!
Man yells out the window: B***H!
Man rounds next curve. Crashes into a HUGE PIG in middle of road and dies.
Moral: If only men would listen."

***January 2, 2010***

Happy New Year to all - may it be filled with good health and lots of Airborne surprises!

A new color for easier reading and a New Year's resolution to gradually get a Dutch translation for the site online.
Please bear with us as a complete new design will give the site a more professional look during 2010.

And in case your 2010 agenda is still completely empty:
*The 101st Airborne Division Association holds it's famous SNOWBIRD REUNION from February 18-20th in Orlando, FL (USA).
Information and registration through the Association's website. Look under the caption "reunions".
* Our dear friends, Living History Group The Screaming Ducks are celebrating the 65th national anniversary of our liberation with
a large event in Wijk bij Duurstede, The Netherlands. The event is called OPERATION LIBERTY FORCE.
Dates are April 30-May 2 and May 5th. Information and registration through the Screaming Ducks website.

*Celebrating the 65th anniversary of the end of WWII (May 8th, 1945 VE-Day), an event is organised in LANGENORLA, Germany.
Dates are May 7-9th, 2010. Re-enactor groups are invited to join. Information through a pdf-file in English and German.


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