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***December 28, 2009***

Sad news reached us today about another WWII Eagle soaring. Your prayer please for Leo E. Kelley, 501 PIR A Co: liberator and
forever in our memories when we celebrate our freedom.

Part of the obituary:

Leo Elvie Kelley, age 84, beloved father and grandfather, proud veteran of WW II, died December 22, 2009, in the loving arms of his hildren.
Dad began his life September 8, 1925, on the road; his parents, Robert Kelley and Alice (Waterman) Kelley were traveling by prairie schooner - covered wagon - from Missouri to Washington State when Moi went into labor with Dad in Cabin City, Montana. Dad's life continued to be an adventure from then on. Dad was the youngest of nine children when the Kelley family settled in Yakima. He completed eighth grade and then went to work, bringing in money to help support the family. He enlisted in the Army when he was 17, spending his 18th birthday in New York harbor, waiting to be shipped out to Germany as a paratrooper in the 101st Airborne Division Screaming Eagles (although he often wondered why anyone would want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane...).

Dad was one of the few men in his unit to survive the Battle of the Bulge. He had many friends die in his arms; in fact, his parents received a KIA (Killed in Action) letter because one of those friends was also named Leo Kelley -- and the letter was sent to the wrong family. Moi, his mom, never believed the letter, never stopped believing dad was still alive. Dad was severely wounded in the hip by a sniper during the Battle of the Bulge, but made it home to his family after spending a year in an English hospital learning how to walk again. Until the day he died dad kept a toy paratrooper, complete with parachute, above his bed; he said it reminded him that life was worth living.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Yakima VFW Post #379, c/o Langevin-Mussetter FuneralHome. The paratrooper has landed, and the Screaming Eagle is soaring. Viewing will be Sunday, December 27, 2009, 12 noon until 2:30 p.m. at Langevin-Mussetter and the Vigil Service will begin at 3:00 p.m. A Memorial Mass is Monday, December 28, 2009 at 11:00 a.m. at Holy Rosary Catholic Church. Private burial with full Military Honors will be at Holy Rosary Cemetery. Langevin-Mussetter Funeral Home is entrusted with the arrangements.

***December 24, 2009***

Merry Christmas

***December 20, 2009***

Another link to news coverage (in French, alas) about the dedication of the memorial to 326 Airborne Medical Company at Barrière Hincks.
It was wonderful to see Henry S. (Hank) Skowronski, 326, there, sharing the story of his lost camera with the public. Carmen C. Gisi (401 B Co.)
finished the story, recounting how, after December 19th 1944, he was at Barrière Hincks and found the camera in a foxhole.

Carmen took a picture with the camera of the tents and materials which were left behind after the capture of 326 AMC. This picture is
seen in this news coverage.

One more example of beautiful tales through times. THANK YOU veterans, for sharing.

***December 18, 2009***

Our good friend Reg Jans from Belgium pointed out the release of a new book called

From Toccoa to Eagle's Nest: Discoveries in the Bootsteps of the Band of Brothers by Dalton Einhorn.

Reg guided the author and WWII veteran Richard ‘Red’ Falvey HQ/2/506 PIR in the Bastogne area some time ago.
This is Reg's opinion on the book: "This book isn’t just a travel guide. It’s MUCH more than that . The author shares his findings and feelings
while following the steps of these troopers and gives you an excellent and accurate view on some WWII history !
A travel guide with a high historical value. It is the first time I openly recommend a book.
I do believe this is the most complete book that has been written about this topic in the past 10 years !
Great research , well written , accurate information and easy to read !!!!! "

Knowing Reg, his opinion is a well founded one.
The book is available through Amazon, BookSurge, Abebooks and Alibris.

***December 17, 2009***

During the weekend of 12-13 December, Bastogne (Belgium) was buzzing with activities around the 65th anniversary of the
Battle of the Bulge.

Honorary CSM Bossi (327 Inf Rgt) in front
of one of the displayed tanks on
McAuliffe square
This year's patch of the 32nd Bastogne Historic Walk, commemmorating the defensive perimeter of Bastogne
Meeting up with our Screaming Ducks friends who always keep the memory alive
A long awaited memorial dedicated to the men of the 101st Airborne, 326 Medical Company
Honorary CSM Bossi handing a certificate of appreciation from the 327th Infantry Regiment to the proprietor of Le Nut's restaurant on McAuliffe square, mr G. Segalas
Our half-frozen chairperson, Petra Wenstedt-Pulles, behind our sales display for the Foundation
Over 100 well wishing cards were collected for the wounded warriors in Walter Reed hospital
News coverage on US army site
News coverage on tv Luxemburg
News coverage on Belgian army site
News coverage Belgian RTL tv
Proclamation on the 65th anniversary by US President
Barack Obama
News coverage Stars and Stripes

***November 28, 2009***

New memorial for fallen CURRAHEES, past and present: newspaper article Nov. 12, 2009 Fort Campbell Courier

***November 12, 2009***

A great day for our American member of the board CSM Joseph M. Bossi (Ret), who was inducted as a Distinguished Member of
the 506th Infantry Regiment today.


Joseph, already a DMOR of the 327th Infantry Regiment and Honorary CSM of the 327, was honored for the work he does with
the families of fallen Currahees these past years in the war on terror.

Another good friend of the Foundation, John Keene, was inducted as a DMOR for his work with the wounded warriors who are transferred
from Walter Reed hospital to Florida. Congratulations to you too, John!

***October 27, 2009***

A lovely film made by Hans Jaket, member of Living History Group "Screaming Ducks" about our day together:

***October 27, 2009***

Your help is still needed in saving this historical marker from demolition.
Please read how you can help (it only takes a few minutes and we are NOT asking for money).

This is the strength of democracy! Write up your argument and send it to the action committee.

They will welcome you on 11, 12 and 13th December during their opening hours in the former 101st ABN Divisional HQ in Bastogne, Belgium.

***October 21, 2009***

Two important news items:

1. the fight for the preservation of the "NUTS"-cellar in Bastogne, Belgium.
Your help is needed. We live in a democracy. Please take some time to read of the plight of our Belgian friends and give them a few minutes
to write up an email message.

2. get ready for the 32nd Bastogne Historic Walk on the 12th December 2009. SEE YOU IN BASTOGNE!

***October 5, 2009***

New items for sale:
- collector's item 82 Airborne rug made in the 50's.
- beautiful copy of WWII size Geronimo patch (6 inches in diameter)
- exclusive 501 Geronimo challenge coin / Eerde 65 years liberation

- 502 Widowmaker baseball cap
- 506 E Co baseball cap

***October 4, 2009***

A beautiful memorial service was held today at the 101st Airborne Division monument in Heteren, The Netherlands to
commemmorate the battle on "The Island" in October and November 1944.

Heteren, a small hamlet close to the river Rhine, lies in an area what the soldiers in 1944 nicknamed the Island as it is surrounded
by two large rivers in The Netherlands. The area is known for its many dikes, flat grounds and fruit trees. In October and
November 1944 the 101st Airborne Division was called upon to replace different British units which had held the line up to then.
Approximately 250 killed in action and many wounded were the sad result.

The importance of the effort and sacrifice of the 101st paratroopers on The Island is mostly in the shadow of D-Day in Normandy
and the battles of Operation Market Garden.

The organisation (A foundation called "Never Forget Them") did an outstanding job in giving more weight to the battle here.
The mayor of the Overbetuwe township and the US military attachee spoke boldly about how we should never forget these
brave men who didn't shun from their duties, by educating, commemmorating and remembering what freedom is about.

Freedom was symbolised by releasing a group of white doves - they definitely agreed to that being a good thing!

Local schoolchildren were involved by reading poems and laying flowers.

***September 28, 2009***

After action report Operation Torch 2009 - now complete.

***September 23, 2009***

Operation Torch 2009 was officially rounded off yesterday at Brussels airport where most participants flew back home.

It was a great group this year and we are sad to be saying our goodbyes to them.

Over the next couple of days, as pictures will start rolling in, we'll be giving you a full report on the whole trip which covered
Normandy, Bastogne and the liberation ceremonies and activities from Eindhoven to Arnhem. Quite a few official ceremonies were
held. One of them was the induction of our chairperson Petra Wenstedt-Pulles as a honorary member of the 327 Infantry Regiment,
502nd Infantry Regiment, and the whole 101st Airborne Division.
Petra was also presented with a honorary life membership by the 101st Airborne Division Association.

***September 20, 2009***

***September 6, 2009***

Despite last minute preparations for Operation Torch, we found time to visit the exhibition at the "Eindhoven in the picture"-house
(Eindhoven in Beeld).

The exhibition focuses on the liberation of Eindhoven, The Netherlands and was set up by Karel Margry (historian and author) and
Harrie Dijkhuizen (collector). Club Wheels was there with four authentic WWII vehicles.

For opening times, please consult the website of "Eindhoven in the Picture/Eindhoven in Beeld".
The exposition will be opened until October 24 and has many rare pictures dating around September 18, 1944 plus uniforms and other
items. Admission is free.

The EiB house on the corner of Grote Berg / Paradijslaan in Eindhoven center.

Karel Margry officially opening the exhibition.

The EiB house used to be a barracks for the Royal Dutch Police (Marechaussee). The official crest was hung back over it's entrance.

***September 4, 2009***

With only a few more days until the start of OPERATION TORCH 2009, excitement keeps the Foundation buzzing!
Last minute tasks, checking equipment and bookings. Preparing for our 19 guests to arrive next Tuesday at Brussels airport.

Safe travelling everyone! AIRBORNE!

***August 7, 2009***

Some pictures were sent in by the Son protesters - enjoy!

Reality August 2009

Reality September 1944


***July 29, 2009***

Years ago, a much needed new highway was built connecting Eindhoven and Nijmegen in The Netherlands. The new road runs almost parallel
to Hell's Highway and was numbered the A50. Like many highways in Holland, it was to be furnished with works of art on the side of the road.
So an artist came up with an idea for the piece in the Son area (near the WWII drop zone of the 506 PIR and 327 GIR).

Like in all democracies, the design was made public for the people to comment on. A group of Son inhabitants protested to the design, arguing
that the design should have a connection with their liberators, the American 101st Airborne Division: the SCREAMING EAGLES.

WHOOAH, protesters!

The protests resulted in the design being changed. Today, one of the protesters, mr Leenders, informed us that the "eagle" part of the
design had been placed. Mr Leenders supplied us with a preview:

The work of art will be officially unveiled on September 17th, 2009 (no time available as of yet)
So, 65 years after the Screaming Eagles arrived, they are honored in this way.
Let's hear it for the protesters!!!!

***July 25, 2009***

And if you want to find out a little about the work they do with the wounded soldiers, take a look at the following video.


***July 24,2009***

We are proud to announce the launching of the site for the

On Sunday 20th September 2009, the Screaming Eagles of WWII Foundation organises the Airborne Memorial Walk as part of a
four day event "Dropzone A", in Eerde, The Netherlands.

The Airborne Memorial Walk centers around freedom and liberation. There is a choice of two routes, 7 and 15 kilometres, around
historic grounds and decorated with surprising displays and authentic WWII vehicles.

Each year, part of the proceeds of the Airborne Memorial Walk will be donated to an appropriate project. This year, the wounded
Airborne soldiers in Walter Reed hospital in Virginia, United States, were chosen. Walter Reed hospital is where all wounded American
soldiers are first received when they are repatriated from a mission.

Your donation will be used to present the wounded soldiers' families with a little extra like a decent diner outside the hospital or financial
help with extravagant bills for transport or telephone. One of the Foundation’s American volunteers, Dick Winters, will guarantee the correct
use of your support.


***July 12,2009***

One of our friends, member of re-enactment group DUTCH DEUCES, worked hard on a project for his club:


Using a beautiful piece of oak, Twan van de Hurk created this sign for PR purposes during the activities of the Dutch Deuces.
Twan's wish is that they will run into 502 WWII veterans who will honor their organisation by signing it.

Re-enactment may seem to some a hobby of "wannabee"-soldiers. Yet the passion, time, money and energy these guys (and some girls)
put into their hobby is tremendous. The DUTCH DEUCES, for example, do not accept anything which is not historically correct.
Even though the material may be a copy of what was used in WWII, it is always remarkably correct to the time period depicted.

One of the many wishes the DUTCH DEUCES have voiced is to connect with the active duty 502 regiment in order to preserve history in a
mutual effort. So, come on you post WWII DEUCES: STRIKE and get in touch with your Dutch friends!

***July 7,2009***

Time to jot down another important date: in the weekend of 26 and 27 September 2009 another Militaria Fair will be held in Bastogne,
Belgium. The organisers have chosen a theme this year: Medical Department, with which they want to pay tribute to the 101st Airborne
Division, 326th Airborne Medical Company. Medics often are the forgotten heroes of any military outfit.

During the "Battle of the Bulge 1944-1945", the field hospital of the 326th Airborne Medical Company, 101st Airborne, was stationed at
"Barrière Hinck" in Sainte-Ode. Because of tragic events during the battle a large number of Americans were killed at the location of this
field hospital.

The organisation of the Militaria Fair, MILITARIA BASTOGNE SPRL, are gathering funds to set up a memorial in honor of the lives lost.
Read all about this on their website and, please, make a contribution to this honorable cause.


***July 3, 2009***

For years now, our Foundation has provided a source of Airborne related materials which aren't available in Europe. Starting out as a means
of gathering funds to support the activities of the Foundation (which receives no government subsidies), many customers return to us
with the question "do you know if ... or ... is available". And in many cases we find it for them. Like the guideon pictured below.

GUIDEON tailor made to army specifications
double sided, WWII copy
any outfit available on order
(please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery)

PRICE: 175,00 eur - Order

We have no professionally set up shop (electronic or otherwise), we have no permanent stock and we don't sell for the masses.
On the other hand, we receive many articles from supporters and ALL proceeds go to funding the non-profit activities of the
Screaming Eagles of WWII Foundation. Feel free to roam the "premises".

***June 28, 2009***

From 12 thru 20 September 2009 an exhibition will be held in the Hotel Restaurant La Sonnerie, in Son, The Netherlands.
This location is the former HQ of General Maxwell D. Taylor and near the famous Son bridge.
For address(es), please see poster.

***June 20, 2009***

***Our chairperson, Petra Wenstedt-Pulles was interviewed for the Eindhoven newspaper on her Honorary Membership of the
506th Infantry Regiment:

English translation newspaper article

***News reached us of the soaring of another EAGLE: Darryl "Shifty" Powers (101 ABN Div, 506 PIR, E co, WWII), one of the best
marksmen of E Company.

***June 2, 2009***

Colonel John "Pete" Johnson's (506th Infantry Regiment) invitation received by our chairman Petra Wenstedt-Pulles to attend the
formal induction ceremony on May 29, 2009 as Honorary Member of the Regiment came as a complete surprise.

The ceremony was part of a three day event during an exciting and emotional Memorial Day week.

The honor to be named as one of a Band of Brothers is a great one and is felt as such by our chairman.
The only response suitable is CURRAHEE!


***May 20, 2009***

As time moves along, more plans for September 2009 are publicised. From 16-21 September the MARKET GARDEN TOUR 2009 is organised,
a 65th anniversary commemmoration tour, treading in the footsteps of our liberators: British XXXth Corps and the US 101st and 82nd Divisions
from Joe's Bridge at Lommel, Belgium to Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

***May 17, 2009***

When you are planning to go to Normandy for the upcoming D-Day celebrations, try and find time to visit the exhibition by James Wilkinson:

4-7 June 2009 at the D-Day Paratroopers Historical Center
2, Village d'Amont
50500 Saint Côme Du Mont
Normandy, France

***May 9, 2009***

***New Band Of Brothers' book by Marcus Brotherton available - WE WHO ARE ALIVE AND REMAIN

***Dates to reserve in your agenda: 21-23 August 2009 when the Band Of Brothers (Belgium and The Netherlands) hold their meet at
Airport Oostmalle (Belgium). With their re-enactment they celebrate the 65th anniversary of D-Day. Free admission!

***April 22, 2009***

After months of renovation works, the Wings of Liberation museum in Best, The Netherlands, will open two new halls on the 26th April.

These halls have been completely dedicated to Operation Market Garden and the US 101st Airborne Division. Club Wheels will be present
with different authentic WWII vehicles. Numerous activities are planned during the whole weekend.

For museum times and admission fees, please check the museum's website.

***April 19, 2009***


Two announcements received from the Airborne Committee in Eerde (The Netherlands):

***1***From 17th through 20th September 2009, Eerde will organise a large WWII event around the 65th anniversary of the liberation of the
Southern part of The Netherlands during Operation Market Garden. The event will concentrate around the history of the 501st Parachute
Infantry Regiment of the American 101st Airborne Division with numerous activities:

- 17th at 19.00 hours commemmoration near the Geronimo monument in Eerde
- 17-20: a re-enactment camp around the windmill
- 18th: special tours for school children in the area
- 19th: WWII party in the evening
- 20th: In the morning the Airborne Memorial Walk with two distances (7 and 15 kms) which will take the participant along different former
battle areas. In the afternoon several Memorial Jumps on one of the former DZ's. At the drop zones, explanations will be given to spectators.

***2***On Monday May 4th, the Dutch commemmorate the victims of WWII.
The Airborne Committee in Eerde invites you to join them on the church square. At 19.50 hours a silent march will be made to the Geronimo
monument with schoolchildren carrying the American, British and Dutch flags. At 20.00 hours there will be 2 minutes of silence, after which
speeches are held (also by the schoolchildren who "adopt" the monument during their school year). Wreaths are laid.
And, as usual, there will be the coffee at the windmill, hosted by the Eerde Windmill Foundation.

***April 19, 2009***

From 1-4 April the 32st annual Airborne Awards were held by the Static Line Magazine in Atlanta, Georgia.
Joseph M. Bossi (our US Director of Operations) and chairperson Petra Wenstedt-Pulles attended in order to promote OPERATION TORCH 2009
among the particpants.

Even though this was the first year that initiator and organiser of the Static Line Airborne Awards Festival, Mr Don Lassen, was not present,
the event was attended by over 400 "troopers". The hospitality room, Memorial luncheon, update briefings for the 82nd and 101st Airborne
Divisions and the usual visit to Ft Benning (home of the Airborne Jumpschool) were part of the programme.

A good time was held by all, with a sincere wish that the event will continue into the future.

***March 31, 2009***

We received news that there will be a Open-Door day with a WWII theme in Jabbeke, Belgium.
The local paintball club wanted to combine their open door day with a WWII commemoration that has never occured earlier in this part of Belgium.
The objective was to find a good balance between the many lives that were lost here, and on the other side to bring the history under attention of
the general public. They managed to do so by the program you can find here.


***March 26, 2009***

Press announcement

65 Years after the liberation of the southern part of The Netherlands, the AVRO Lancaster bomber from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
will make a flypast over 10 Lancaster monuments in The Netherlands on MONDAY 4TH MAY 2009:

Brunssum, near Platanendreef 42 approx. 14.00
Hunsel, near Schansstraat 4 approx. 14.10
Haelen, near Roggelseweg 58 approx. 14.15
Heythuysen, near Op den Birkenbosch 3 approx. 14.20
Asten, De Berken near Astense Aa approx. 14.35
Meerlo, near Heesweg 10 approx. 14.45
Beuningen, centre Van Heemstraweg approx. 14.50
Elden, near sportsterrain Elderveld approx. 15.05
Rozendaal, centre Eerbeekseweg approx. 15.10
Oosterbeek, near Utrechtseweg 232 approx. 15.15

Hopefully good weather conditions and serviceability will enable you to admire this unique airplane on the mentioned locations and times.
Worldwide only two Lancaster bombers are still airworthy.
The Lancaster, which played such a significant part in winning the freedom that we enjoy today, has won the hearts and souls of many.
For more information and/or changes in the programme please visit:

With a delegation of three, members of the Foundation attended the charity concert SWING INTO SPRING last night
by Nato Jazz Orchestra, organised by the Veterans of Brabant South East.
Heart warming to find four mayors and some councilmen of Eindhoven and surrounding towns in the audience.
Although general attendance could have been better, according to the Young Dutch Veterans, it certainly wasn't caused by the music!


***March 15, 2009***

Sad news from the Roanoke Times of 24th February 2009:
"James S. Norris, Sr., 91, of Roanoke, Virginia went to be with the Lord on Monday, February 23, 2009. "

Jim Norris was a member of the 502 Parachute Battalion before the formation of Item Company, 502 PIR of the 101st Airborne Division.
Jim was last seen in February 2003 at the Snowbird Reunion of the 101st Airborne Division Association in Kissimmee, Florida.

***March 2, 2009***

We received the press release today for the BROTHERS IN ARMS march on Sunday June 7th, 2009 in Normandy, France.
Naturally, the 65th anniversary of D-Day is the theme of the celebrations.

All participants are required to march in combat uniform 101st Airborne Division. Around 500 participants are expected.

For more information and registration, please email :

***March 1, 2009***

At 14.00 the official start began of the Eerde windmill restauration project. The widow of the old miller, mrs Adriana van Riel, symbolically
placed the first stone.

Although another 350.000 euro's are needed to complete the restoration, preparational work has already begun. In scaffolds at the moment,
the windmill is waiting to be restored to its original beauty and task. You will find the outline of the restoration project under our item January 27.

***February 28, 2009***

During today's board meeting a new board was voted for and installed:

Chairperson: Petra Wenstedt-Pulles
Secretary: Leoni Wenstedt
Treasurer: Hubert Hover
Director of US Operations: Joseph Bossi CSM (Ret)

Members of the board: Nell Pulles-Van Merwijk, Tony Pulles, Han Pulles, Jolanda Pulles, Barry Pulles, Nelly and François Van Loo.
A special welcome to Nelly and François who, being Belgians, truly make our Foundation an international venture.

***February 17, 2009***

In World War II, parts of The Netherlands were liberated at different times. Through Operation Market Garden, large parts of the South
were liberated by an Allied (British and American) effort during
the last months of 1944. The Western and Northern parts were liberated
in the course of 1945, after a terrible harsh winter which the Dutch call "Hunger Winter".
Liberation ceremonies, festivies and commemmorations therefore take place at different times of the year throughout the country.

On Saturday April 18th, in commemmoration of the liberation of BEDUM (a small town in the most Northern part of The Netherlands) on
April 17th, 1945, a large static show with WWII vehicles and re-enactors will take place. The day is organised by
re-enactment association 40-45 in cooperation with the local Orange association.
Everyone is welcome!!! The event starts at 14.00 hours. *****Bedum 18th April 2009*****

(In order to see the poster, you need Adobe Reader. Free official dowload : )

***February 9, 2009***

Another EAGLE has soared. Edgar K. JONES (501 and 506 PIR WWII).
From the Washington Post 14th January 2009:

"JONES EDGAR KEMPER JONES, JR. (Age 85) Of Leesburg, Virginia, died on Monday, January 12, 2009 in Leesburg, VA.
Mr. Jones was born May 23, 1923 in Richardsville, Virginia to the late Edgar K. and Laura V. Taylor Jones Sr.. He served his country
in the U.S. Army during WWII and fought at the Battle of the Bulge as a Screaming Eagle Paratrooper with the 101st Airborne.
He traveled with the Airborne veterans after the war and was able to see most of the world during those years. He was a self-made
businessman opening his Wall and Ceiling Contracting business in 1947. The Edgar K. Jones, Jr. Company started out as a plaster business
and is still in operation by the family today in Chantilly, Virginia. Mr. Jones lived in Oakton and McLean before moving to Leesburg in 1986.
He was a very humble man and devoted husband, father and grandfather."

***February 5, 2009***

With a heavy heart we announce the passing away of yet another Screaming Eagle of WWII:
DENIS M. PARSONS of California died yesterday after some work in his garden. Denis was a Past President of the 101st Airborne Division
Association and a sergeant in the 327th Glider Infantry Regiment (101 ABN Div / 2G).
Through his charming, quiet personality there are a lot of people all over the world who call Denis a friend.

Thank you Denis, for being a friend. And a hero, who fought for our freedom here in Europe. You will be remembered!

***February 1, 2009***

Delaware newspaper article on FORREST L. GUTH, member of E-Co 506 PIR, 101st Airborne Division WWII

***January 27, 2009***

Informative evening Eerde windmill , The Netherlands

On Tuesday 27th January the Eerde Windmill Foundation held an informative evening on the restauration and reconstruction
of the windmill.

The windmill in Eerde (a community of 1521 citizens) has the unique position of having been a central location in the heavy fighting
in September 1944 in which members of the American 101st Airborne Division (the 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment) were involved.
Ever since, the citizens of Eerde have been passionate in honoring these men (the Geronimo monument is located next to the windmill) but
also in the preservation of the windmill which played such an important role during the battle.

At the end of World War II the windmill was damaged to a degree which made it necessary to decide to "top it off" in 1946.

At the end of WWII
501 monument with the "topped off"windmill in the background

The official starting date for the restauration and reconstruction project is 1st March 2009.

The project consist of 4 phases, of which the first and second coincide: demolition work and the construction of the surrounding buildings
and base construction.

Phase 3 will center around the windmill top with rotating blades (sails). Phase 4 are plans for the interior which includes an exhibition space,
conference room and machinery room.

The plan for the exploitation of the windmill (opening in 2011) include milling, naturally, but also the possibility of instruction to millers,
education and exploitation of the conference facilities.

Quite a large percentage of the funding for this restauration project has been achieved by support from a variety of companies, local, national
and European subsidies but also World War II veterans. However, your financial support is still very welcome
(Bank: Rabo Veghel-Erp account number 1633.72.667).

Besides donations, physical support is needed too. Through the Eerde Windmill Foundation you may become a volunteer in the restauration project.

***January 24, 2009***

Coming in April 2009 : DVD "The Forgotten Battalion" and the book "Tonight we die as men"

The untold story of the third Battalion 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment from Toccoa to
D-Day. For more information : and

***January 23, 2009***

On our way back from the Memorial Walk in Bastogne in December 2008, we paid a visit to a beautiful museum on the BATTLE OF THE BULGE
in Malmedy, Belgium. The museum is called Baugnez 44 Historical Center and is built close to the field in Baugnez where SS troops, led by
Lieutenant Colonel Peiper, massacred 84 American prisoners of war (285th Field Artillery Observation Battalion).

The museum is well worth your visit!

***January 22, 2009***

Upcoming events in The Netherlands by affiliated organisations:

Sunday 15th February (from 10.30 AM)
Club Wheels organises a military fair concentrating on military WWII vehicles at Museum Park Wings of Liberation in Best.

Wednesday 25th March
Charity concert SWING INTO SPRING by Nato Jazz Orchestra, organised by the Veterans of Brabant South East.
Information and reservations through the Veterans' website.

(In order to see the poster for the concert you need Adobe Reader. Free official dowload : )

***January 17, 2009***

Promotion for Operation Torch 2009 (8-22 September), like all promotion work instigates reactions.
We invite you to read the reactions by three World War II veterans (American, Canadian and Australian) in our guestbook.

Robert Robson, Donald Burgett and Vic Grimmett have websites worth visiting.

***January 16, 2009***

The last two months of 2008 kept us busy with preparations for the Memorial Walk in Bastogne on Saturday 13th of December,
promotion for Operation Torch 2009 and the holiday season, of course.

Report on Memorial Walk, Bastogne in Power Point Presentation.


(In order to see the slide show you need Microsoft Power Point Viewer. Free download here)

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